National Standards Development Organisation Limited (NSDO) is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee whose members are stakeholders involved in the development and use of the Standards they develop.

NSDO publishes a new product category baseline assessment for windows

NSDO has published NSDO MP 103-2015 Labelling and declaration of environmental attributes of building products - Product Category Baseline Assessment for Window and Glazed Door Systems in Australia. 

Two draft standards have been developed based on this PCBA and are available for public comment.

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Create a Standard iconDevelop a new, or amend an existing National Standard®

NSDO can assist your organisation to establish an industry standard.  If you are an organisation, association, or a peak body and see the need for a new standard, NSDO can develop a National Standard or other Standards Normative Documents with you. 

When developing National Standards, NSDO uses an internationally accepted process of:

  • representative, technical committees having members from relevant stakeholders (industry sectors);
  • transparency, including issue of draft standards to the public for review; and 
  • consensus involving a ballot of the representative committee with subsequent approval by a higher level committee (Board).

While this process closely follows that used by Standards Australia, National Standards Development Organisation Ltd operates independently of Standards Australia Limited and is not subject to its oversight or review.  Currently neither NSDO (nor NS P/L) is accredited to develop Australian Standard-branded documents.  So if needed, you could approach Standards Australia to develop a new standard.

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